FRED and Shaun

A few weeks ago there was This Guy up on the Dangerous Prototypes site. It looked like fun so I picked one up! It arrived yesterday and I spent a half hour or so toying with it, then I started to take it apart!

Last week I was able to get FRED’s I/O board working, so the next step was to get some interesting I/Os happening! Unfortunately during the configuration change a external emergency stop jumper was loosened (but not removed) so that took an hour or so to sort out.

This is the first I/O I’ve had setup on the robot. I wanted him to be running in a loop until the the I/O was triggered but I can’t seem to find a conditional jump in the programming system. In the current setup I just have him wait for the state change.

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I have no idea, I can't really explain it... I'm using the guise of a 'learning project' but the best way I've found to describe it is by comparing it to a collector car. This is my '69 GT. It will absorb all my time, energy, and money. While its necessity is questioned by all around me, in the eyes of the few, I will have it all.


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