The Plan:


The first thing that happens when I wake up? Try to figure out where I am. I assume a one ton robot would want to do the same. Also… the development timeline for a resolver to digital converter is┬ásubstantially┬áless than a 2kW, 300VDC power supply or a 3-phase VFD.

Power Supply

Design and build a single phase power factor correcting 300VDC, 2kW power supply.


Design and build a three phase variable frequency drive and braking controller that can be implemented on each axis.

The Brains

Implement a control interface to the motion planning server.


I have no idea, I can't really explain it... I'm using the guise of a 'learning project' but the best way I've found to describe it is by comparing it to a collector car. This is my '69 GT. It will absorb all my time, energy, and money. While its necessity is questioned by all around me, in the eyes of the few, I will have it all.


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Contact Me

Shaun Meehan