FRED and Shaun

This is the Story of FRED and Lefty, my 700 pound ABB IRB 2000 industrial robotic arms.

In FRED’s past life, he was a welding robot at a Pratt & Whitney jet engine manufacturing facility in Connecticut. Lefty was a packaging robot at a KODAK X-Ray film plant in Colorado. In their new lives FRED and Lefty will be conquering all sorts of new challenges that we not planned on back around the original release in 1986. With the integration of a vision system, Fred and Lefty will be able to interact with the world in all new ways, considering before they were blind. 


I have no idea, I can't really explain it... I'm using the guise of a 'learning project' but the best way I've found to describe it is by comparing it to a collector car. This is my '69 GT. It will absorb all my time, energy, and money. While its necessity is questioned by all around me, in the eyes of the few, I will have it all.


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Shaun Meehan