What’s a BOL?

I’ve never shipped 1,700 pounds of anything before. I doubt if you added up everything I’ve ever shipped [fancyamp] received it would even come close to that number! Sticker shock would be the name of the game… It looks like I’ll be living off day-old bread for a while.

[info_box]Be aware when shipping giant robots that it’s stupid expensive.[/info_box]

Setting up a freight shipment is a pretty complex task. You neet to put together a Bill of Lading complete with NMFC item numbers, Class Codes, dimensions. After a few weeks of the bugging, I got all the dimension details from the sellers out in CT! Woo! Now I just need to figure out what the heck those other two things are. After a few confusing calls to YRC, I finally opened up a chat window with their online help, and it was all done in the span of a few minutes! Three Hazaaaz for the intertubewebnets! A few days later they dropped it off at Yellow Roadway YRC!

Shipment Stage 1:[list_tick]

  • Done[/list_tick]

My old neighbor and possible criminal syndicate kingpin, Don, has the garage of a god. I once wandered over in the hopes that he might have a tap set. He had 3. He was always ready to help me with my numerous projects growing up, and now I need yet another favor. YRC needed a loading dock and a forklift operator standing by ready to unload the robot when it arrived. That is not something I can get a hold of on a few days notice, but Don can. He made a few calls so everyone knows not to refuse the giant orange robot, and broken refrigerator lookin’ thing. A slightly bizarre delivery for an industrial plumbing company. Thank you so much to everyone at Wray P&H!! They’ve been incredible in setting all this up!

So after a super creepy trip to Harbor Freight to grab a new tarp, I’m ready for the robot!!

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